Do you have an inspirational, original, funny, or newsworthy story to tell about your work as a principal? We’d love to hear it.

School Leaders Now welcomes pitches on a wide range of topics pertaining to education and school and district administration.

Before submitting, we recommend thoroughly reviewing the School Leaders Now site to understand our style, structure, and voice. Most of our posts run between 500–700 words. We are looking to expand our range of formats to include more personal essays, listicles, and Q&As with school leaders.

A pitch should include:

  1. An engaging headline
  2. 3-4 sentences about your angle on this focused topic and how you intend to approach the piece
  3. Why you think our readers would want to read it.

We’re particularly looking for these types of articles:

Timely reporting, reviews, and roundups

  • We are looking for your take on recent education studies and how they might affect schools and school leaders.
  • We want writers who can distill complex concepts down to conversational takeaways for our readers.
  • You’ll want to pull together the results of a few studies to illuminate something interesting.
  • It’s important to use solid sources like education journals and reputable news outlets.
  • You might even relate a recent pop-culture event or phenomenon to education or school leadership.

Personal school stories

  • This includes education- or leadership-related topics that have humor, advice, or personal narratives.
  • We look for stories that will resonate with our mostly principal-based readership.

Before submitting any piece, first ask yourself:

  • Is this something that would be useful or interesting to many school leaders?
  • Would a colleague of yours want to share this with their professional learning network?
  • Is this an engaging and fresh perspective?

We will respond to writers whose work we are interested in publishing. Thank you.

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